It can be tough to deal with dark under-eye circles, whether they result from stress or a restless night

The bluish-greyness under your eyes that we refer to as dark circles can be neutralised by blending an orange colour corrector into your concealer

For optimal results, use 1 layer of corrector and concealer mix

followed by a layer of only concealer. If you don't have a colour corrector

consider adding any orange or pink pigment blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow to your concealer.

Colour Correct The Eyelids It’s important to colour correct the eyelids. Concealer,

however, is a fairly thick product and might easily crease the eyelids. 

Apply some powder blush to your eyelids for an understated quick fix

A sizable amount of the pigmentation will be neutralised by the blush's colour

Less drab and grey will appear on your eyelids.

Just apply a highlighter or any glitter makeup to the centre of your eyelids to brighten up dull, greyish eyelids. You'll get a lovely effect.

Vivid colours never display properly on eyelashes with pigment. You, therefore, need a lighter base, such as a white or nude eyeshadow base. You can achieve a good colour payoff with your eyeshadow in this manner. 

Your undereyes' bluish-greyness is highlighted by blues and purples. Its bluish-greyness is colour-corrected by warmer tones.