In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, the story jumps three years ahead in the most recent episode, and Prachi (Niti Taylor) still blindly loves Josh (Devashish Chandramani).

Prachi also gets the love of her uncle, Papa Lakhan Kapoor (Hiten Tejwani), and her aunt, Monika Kapoor.

She joins the business with her father and dreams of starting a new life with Josh. Prachi does not know about Josh's cheating on her

Whereas in the event party, Pihu comes and introduces the ARP team, that is, Angad (Leenesh Mattoo), Raghav (Randeep Rai), and Pihu (Pooja Banerjee).

They have started a new firm where they are working as a team, and Josh losses all his projects. 

Prachi is in shock and remembers her past. Prachi meets Pihu and asks her where she has been for three years

She calls and messages her, but she does not respond. Prachi also advises Pihu to stay away from Raghav

but Pihu is still with Raghav and convinces Prachi that you should stay away from Josh because he is cheating on you

In the upcoming episode, we can see what Prachi will do. Will Prachi be able to understand Raghav's love?

Will she find out the truth about Josh? 

Will Lakhan be able to see Raghav's real worth?