It is never too late to follow your dreams and passion and this Bangalore couple did just that.

Nidhi Singh and her husband, Shikhar Veer Singh

 left their high-paying jobs and even sold their house to start selling samosas.

Now, the idea could have been laughed at or frowned upon initially, but Nidhi and Shikhar are having the last laugh as they are smiling their way to the bank

They are earning more than their jobs would have ever paid them.

They quit their jobs in 2015 to open a food startup called Samosa Singh in Bengaluru.

Their business has grown manifold in a couple of years. At this juncture, their company's annual turnover is Rs 45 crore, which is around Rs 12 lakh per day

Shikhar got the idea of opening a samosa business when he was studying. However, Nidhi advised him to become a scientist. 

One day, Shikhar was at a food court when he saw a boy crying for samosa

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This strengthened his belief that his hunch for samosa startup was right as it is one of the most loved Indian snacks, Mint reported.

He then quit his job and moved to Bengaluru to start his business. The menu of Samosa Singh is quite innovative as they have an array

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