The Oscars have become one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the world,

and have turned into an event that is followed in thousands of homes.

The media impact of the Oscars is huge and although the numbers seem to drop year after year

So much so that it would seem that winning this sort of award also comes with some sort of financial remuneration.

Indeed, the staggering amount of money that actors and actresses, directors, etc. get for winning an award is zero euros.

There is no direct financial gain associated with the awards, so the winners 'only' get the recognition

and prestige associated with the prizes.

However, this does not mean that they go away empty-handed... Beyond the trophy itself.

Through a study carried out by IBISworld some time ago

it was estimated that the average salary of an Oscar winner rises by up to 20% after receiving the award

so although they don't receive anything directly, it does increase their income.

This is logical if we take into account the prestige associated with an Oscar, although this amount is not exact;

winning one is not the same as winning several, being the first or the second, etc.

In addition, a study by Colgate University showed that male actors are rewarded more than female actors.

In recent years, the salary increase for men resulted in a difference of 3.6 million euros

while for actresses it was  500,000 euros.