MasterChef India is the number one cooking reality show in India and audience loves watching the show as various people from around the country participate and showcase their cooking talent.

This time, the show has been airing on a new channel - Sony Television.  It commenced this year and is doing well.

The show is being judged by Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar and Garima Arora.

The show finally got its top contestants who compete with each other and cook tasty dishes in the tough challenges presented to them.

The judges will taste their food, and whoever cooks the best will remain in the show, while the rest will get eliminated.

We have seen how the contestants are facing various challenges in each round and impressing the judges with their cooking skills

while some are saved, some of the contestants are in the danger zone.

Now, in yesterday’s episode, we saw Sachin Khatwani getting eliminated as the judges didn’t like his dish.

Aruna, Gurkirat, Kamaldeep, Nayanjyoti,  Santa and Suvarna are the finalist of the show, and one of them would be declared the winner

Well, the finale of the show will take place next week and finally, this season would get its winner.