In a recent chilling video it has been seen that a snake is fighting with a cat while it is being eaten by a frog

 Posted by Weird and Terrifying @Artsandcultr on March 10 the video has gone viral after getting uploaded to Twitter.

The clip has so far garnered a huge 121.7k views. The user captioned the video, “A snake fighting a cat while being eaten by a frog…”

We can see in the video that a snake has already been half swallowed by a frog when it is taking up a fight with a cat. The video looks a little bit strange as a frog is trying to gulp a snake

The size of the reptile is also not small. Yet, it is getting eaten by a toad. And while there is only a few moments left of its live

the measurable snake also needs to face off a cat. Strange! And adding to that a child is looking at the terrific scene without any fear.

The video has been seen by a huge number of people and also many of them have put their views in the comment box. Among the comments,

“Snake: CAN I AT LEAST HAVE A PEACEFUL ENDING HERE?!” this one is hilarious.

The other comments given to the video are as follows. “As if the snake’s day wasn’t bad enough already.” “Don’t see that everyday”

“Wonder Why the snake doesn’t bite the frog” “Sum frog has venom too or natural antidot, so snake’s has no effect to it”

“What’s Happening ? Reverse On a Back Gear ! Hah !” “How does a snake not find its way out of a frogs stomach? That’s like what 2″ from mouth to gut?”

Watch the video here: