Taapsee Pannu has said that she spends ₹1 lakh on her dietician, adding that her dad does not approve of such expenditure.

Taapsee was talking about her father, and how he hesitates while spending money.

Taapsee recalled her dad got angry about the money wasted when she got him a ₹10 pen for Fathers' Day when she was four or five years old.

She told The Lallantop in an interview, “It is very difficult to convince him to spend money on himself.

 My mom is better but father has not changed at all. Abhi jaungi ghar aur 'apne dietician pe itna kaun kharch karta hai' ye wala discussion hone wala hai mujhe pata hai

Asked how much she spends on her dietician, Taapsee said smiling, "That is the investment my profession requires

 My diet changes with each film - depending on what film I’m doing, and where I am in my life

most of us need the advice of a professional, to tell us what food is best for us. Depending on which city,

or country we’re in, and the local produce, we are told what to eat. This is the kind of detailing that goes into creating a diet plan and this is the only investment my profession requires.

It (the pay for my dietician) is roughly ₹1 lakh per month.”

She also said that she pays for dietician for her mom as well because she has problems with her metabolism. 

She also recalled that her parents were clear that "krantikari baccha paida kar diya humne (we give birth to a revolutionary child) who won't shut up till the time she gets her answers."