Ever since they released an intimate video on the New Year’s eve in Goa last year, Bollywood media has been abuzz with the rumors of an alleged romance

between star heroine Tamannaah and Gully Boy actor Vijay Varma. However, neither Tamannaah nor Vijay confirmed or laughed off the ongoing rumors.

Now, ending her silence, Tamannaah finally responded regarding the rumors on her private life in a recent interview. She neither confirmed nor denied the rumors of dating Vijay Varma once again,

and also added that it is not necessary to give any clarification. The Bubbli Bouncer actress went on to reveal that she has acted alongside Vijay Varma in an upcoming film.

Tamannaah further said, “I don’t know why that happens, but females get married a bunch of times before we actually get married

We get married every Friday, and then hear ‘oh you are not married yet. People are constantly getting me married to all kinds of people

from doctor to businessman. I feel I have already been married too many times,

 I don’t know what will happen when I really get married. Will people be excited anymore? 

They will think it is just another speculation.”

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