The Rock had a plan. He wanted his DC film Black Adam to launch a new corner of the DCU,

one that eventually would lead to a battle between his God-like warrior and Henry Cavill’s Superman.

To accomplish this, Dwayne Johnson and his team at Seven Bucks Productions worked hard to get Cavill into Black Adam

in a post-credits sequence. Only, plans changed. James Gunn and Peter Safran took over for the previous DC regime at Warner Bros

and then decided that he wanted to recast Superman for the upcoming DC film Superman: Legacy.

That left Cavill out in the cold, and The Rock was asked about it on the champagne

carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday. Here is what he had to say:

As Dwayne Johnson says when asked by Variety (via Brandon Davis at ComicBook) about what happened with Henry Cavill,

the only thing that he and his team were able to control was Black Adam, making the best movie possible

and hopefully setting up a storyline that fans wanted to follow.