Rakhi Sawant has out with her new music video, titled Jhootha

And it's clear it's inspired by her real-life incidents. It shows how a fan floored her by

gifting her a car, proposed to her and married her in a nikah ceremony and 

then how cheated on her when she left home to be with her dying mother

At the song launch, Rakhi broke down with a scream as she addressed trolls for how they make fun of her situation

Talking to the paparazzi, Rakhi said in a sobbing voice, "Log kahte hain, ‘Rakhi Sawant ko kaun dhoka de sakta ha

Rakhi Sawant ke sath kya bura ho sakta hai." Main insaan nahi hu kya, main female nahi hu kya,

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mere mere seene me dil nahi hai kya, 

main ghar basaane ke sapne nahi dekh sakti kya (People say who cant cheat Rakhi Sawant

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who can fool her! Am I not a human? Am I not a female? Don’t I have a heart?

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Can't I dream about making a family)."

Can't I dream about making a family)."

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She suddenly screamed loudly in pain as she sat down to cry after talking to the paparazzi.

As a paparazzo shared a video of Rakhi from the event on Instagram, 

many refused to believe her and called it a drama

However, a fan commented on the video, “It might be real!

However, a fan commented on the video, “It might be real!

But public is not the right play to display dear Rakhi - stay strong - not everyone may have pure heart like yours!

Don’t give them chance to make your mockery!”

Sharing the song poster on Instagram, Rakhi wrote, “One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside.”

The music video opens with multiple clips of how life changed for Rakhi in a few weeks.

A heartbroken Rakhi is seen submerging herself in a bathtub before the song begins

It goes on to show how a fan spots her performing in a studio,

floors her by gifting her a car and the two tie the knot in an intimate nikah ceremony.