Ever since Poonam Pandey made her debut with Nasha in Bollywood

he has managed to be in the headlines for all the controversial reasons.

Poonam is well-known for grabbing the spotlight with her raunchy style and bold looks.

Aside from being constantly in the spotlight due to her social media posts

Poonam’s flirtatious remarks are nothing new. Also

it would be incorrect to say that Poonam Pandey enjoys all the attention and negative publicity.

Well, we can’t forget the day Poonam Pandey promised in a video message ahead of the 2011 Cricket World Cup

final that she would strip if India won the final match.

With her audacious claim, this was the first time she drew attention to herself across all social media platforms.

Poonam Pandey has a sizable social media following and she often shares glimpses of her personal life and greets fans with sizzling pictures of herself

Recently, Poonam was having a good time in Bali and she shared some hot photos and a video of herself from her vacation.